I'd love your opinions on my Sketchnote Mini Courses idea.
This simple survey will only take a few minutes and will help me greatly.
Awesome! Let's go!
The Sketchnote Course idea in a nutshell:

• Detail-packed courses focused on single, in-depth sketchnoting topics
• High quality video, designed for viewing on mobile phones
• Short, tightly edited videos provide value in a short amount of time
• Alternate full-length videos too, in case you want to see every detail
• Access to a community of like-minded sketchnoting students
• Regular feedback and answers to your questions by Mike Rohde

I would love your feedback to help refine my efforts.

Would you buy a Sketchnote Mini-Course designed for your phone with short, 3-5 videos teaching focused sketchnoting skills?

How much would you pay for a value-packed, 30 minute mini course designed specifically for mobile phones?

What one topic would you most like to see offered first?

What kind of video teaching do you prefer?

Private community access would be included with every course, so you can share your work and questions with me and other students.

What kind of community do you prefer?

Thanks so much for your feedback!
I plan to have more details on Sketchnote Mini Courses soon.

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